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224 was an OOM command battle droid who served in the Mission to Rugosa against Jedi Master Yoda.


Commanding his droid armies from the cockpit of an AAT, 224 led his troops throughout the forests of Rugosa, hunting down Yoda. With reference to his recent promotion, 224 was either not well respected by his subordinate battle droids or they were slow to carry out his commands immediately. For instance, during his first approach into the forest with two other AATs, 224 ordered a stop to the advance as the guns were out of range and the tanks were too big to fit in the forest. One of the AATs disagreed and disobeyed orders, sped into the clearing and subsequently crashed.

224 eventually found the Jedi and halted his battle droid troops and tanks before him. Informing Asajj Ventress of the Jedi's presence, 224 was given-and gave-orders to fire upon the Jedi Master. However, Yoda escaped, swiftly and easily striking down the commander's troops before breaching the hull of the AAT from which 224 commanded. Desperately trying to escape Yoda's lightsaber, 224 was dragged down into the cabin area of his AAT. Before he was destroyed, he loudly lamented that he had just been promoted. Yoda then used the Force to throw 224, now in pieces, up into the air and over the observing clone troopers, Thire, Jek and Rys.