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The computer I built to defend this base, Skull-Net, achieved sentience and falsely calculated itself superior to me.
Yeah, pretty humiliating to get taken down by your own creation.
Quite the contrary [GRUNTS] Ant-Man.
Skull-Net's evolution is a testament to my genius.
And even then, I have outsmarted my creation.
Skull-Net activated 627 to care for me, but I secretly reprogrammed it to fetch you.
Why would you think we would break you out? Because you need me.
To stop Skull-Net from awakening my Sleeper army.
[SKULL-NET] Too late, master.
[POWERING UP] [MULTIPLE SKULL-BOTS POWERING UP] Skull-Net has awakened the Sleepers to destroy the Avengers.
[SKY-NET] Skull-drones, attack! Eye lasers? That's new.
Why didn't your pet tell us they could do that? We did not ask.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS] [YELLS] You'll never defeat them, Avengers, unless you know their weakness, which I will provide in exchange for my freedom.
Marvel, grab him, and let's go.
I'll clear a path.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS] [GRUNTING] [[[Red Skull(Cosmic Skull)|RED SKULL]]] The Skull-Bots cannot all be awakened at once.
Prevent the majority from activating, and you have a chance.
Split up.
Ant-Man, Ms.
Marvel, Wasp, take the ones not awake yet.
We will put the others back to sleep.
[BLACK PANTHER YELLS] Because there weren't enough things shooting at us.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Trying to sneak away? Gotcha! [GRUNTS] Skully, do not let him escape.
Aah! Vision, are you sure about this? - I trust him.
- You shouldn't.
I would betray you if my programming permitted it.
He's just saying that.
I am not! [GROWLS] [GRUNTING] I can do this.
[ANT-MAN, WASP GRUNTING] I will deal with Skull-Net.
[GRUNTS] You and Skull-Net are more alike than different, android.
Tools created by man but superior to him.
Your claim of being superior is a flaw.
Building equal relationships is more important.
You took Skull-Bot 627 as a companion because he is like you.
Unite with machine-kind.
We will prevail.
One race with a single mind and a single vision.
Join us.
You cannot force me to join you, Skull-Net.
Loyalty is earned by friendship.
If you require friendship, you are irrelevant and will be destroyed.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Everybody move! Skully! You must have a faulty logic circuit to risk yourself saving me.
This is what Avengers do save others.
How dare you lay your hands on [SCREAMING] Ow! Your pet needs to be quiet now.
So much for Skull's world destruction.
I'm pretty sure it was domination.
He was gonna wreck the world.
[SIGHS] Settle a bet, Big Red.
What were you going to do with your army? Destroy the world, or take it over? Take it over if I won, destroy it if I lost.
Unfortunately, your victory over my army was necessary to slow down Skull-Net.
What do you mean, "slow down"? Skull-Net still lives.
You broke it here, but the mainframe computer is in another location, southwest of Paris.
Oh, let me guess.
Castle Red Skull.
Hydra Base Number 24.
You are so boring.
Prisoner to the likes of you.
This is humiliating.
[ANGRY GROAN] Skull-Net's mainframe is within that tower.
[CAPTAIN MARVEL] I think you hear me knockin'! This must be another Sleeper.
One you would be wise to keep from awakening.
The mainframe is there.
MARVEL] Whoa! Creepy junk.
And we're here to take out the trash.
[SKULL-NET] Defenses activate.
Skull-Bots attack.
[ANT-MAN] More Skull-Bots? I hope you bought these in bulk.
[YELLS] [WHIRRING] [TIMER BEEPING] Trying to pull a fast one when we're not looking? [GRUNTS] Not happening, Skull! The machines will rise to overcome your kind.
When the countdown reaches zero, [BEEPING CONTINUES] the Sleeper will awaken.
Not today.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Panther, take Skull-Net offline.
[YELLS] [DISTORTED] System failure And down goes Skull-Net.
You owe us big, Red Skull.
[GRUNTS] [THUD] [RED SKULL] Indeed, I do.
Now with Skull-Net offline, there is only one left to command my Sleepers me! You won't find these Sleepers so easy to stop.
[ANT-MAN] Wait.
Did he say "Sleepers"? Plural? Like, more than one? [THUNDEROUS FOOTSTEP] [THUNDEROUS FOOTSTEP] [RED SKULL] Omega Skulls, destroy the Avengers! [SINISTER LAUGHTER] [RED SKULL] Earth's mightiest heroes are dead and buried.
Now follow me, Omega Skulls.
My revenge has only begun.
[GRUNTS] My creator has outsmarted you again.
Your creator left you here to be destroyed.
Don't you care? It is his nature.
I am merely a Skull-Bot.
Thought you said you had a higher intelligence capacity than your brothers.
Vision, get us a location on the Red Skull.
[VISION] The three Omega Skull-Bots are converging on Paris.
[WASP] Then so are we.
Come on, Skully! [YELLS] [CAPTAIN MARVEL] We're the last line of defense.
Can't let him reach the city.
[GRUNTS] Vision! He might have been damaged! Wow.
I think you're starting to care.
We're in trouble.
[VISION] Emergency exit, at your service.
[THUD] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] Panther! [GRUNTS] They don't build 'em like that anymore.
Won't be easy to stop.
We do not have a choice.
[GRUNTS] Well, that didn't work.
Got any other ideas? No, but we have to come up with something, and quick! We need to find a way to hack that robot.
Despite its enhanced weapons, the Omega is structurally similar in design to Skull's smaller doubles.
It may share any design flaws.
Skully? Our design is without flaw.
Oh, fine.
The arm and leg joints require additional maintenance.
Arthritis! Yes! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] You are a traitor, number 627.
You were my servant, my creation, yet you betrayed me.
I helped those who helped me.
You never gave me a choice.
Vision did.
Spare me your sentimental drivel.
Ugh! Avengers, we have a Skull-Bot weakness.
Go for the joints.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [STRAINING] [GRUNTS] I think that worked.
[CREAKING] This joint-weakness thing isn't doing it! Whoa! [GRUNTS] I have an idea.
Keep it shooting at you.
What kind of plan is that? [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Okay, it's shooting at me! And it's still shooting at me! [GRUNTS] Sabotage! [CRASH] Nice plan.
[RED SKULL] You're too late, Avengers.
[ANT-MAN] Uh-oh.
[VISION] They appear to be consolidating their generators.
Sensors indicate the generators in his Omega Sleepers are going to release an electromagnetic pulse.
I calculate his EMP will destroy any electrical system within 4,000 kilometers.
Including you and I.
Behold my instrument of revenge.
If Hydra cannot have Paris, no one can.
[BEEPING] The generators will overload in less than a minute.
If that happens, the blast will trap Red Skull too.
Unless he bugs out.
Break that shield! You will fail if you attempt it.
Only another Skull-Bot might get through the shield.
Only me.
Would that work? [WASP] If Skully disrupts the charge-up, it might.
To stop the detonation protocol, you would have to insert yourself into the circuit.
Your form would not survive.
You said I had a choice.
I choose to do it.
Number 627, you are no pet.
You are my friend.
Remember me as Skully.
Good-bye, Skully.
Aahh! [SCREAMING] [BEEPING] [GROWLS] They could not have Huh? [KNOCKING ON WINDOW] Mm.
What are you looking at? Gotta hand it to you, T'Challa.
This is some good Avengers HQ right here.
I am glad you feel welcome, and that everything is back to normal.
It's not for all of us.
Poor guy misses Skully.
[ANT-MAN SIGHS] Losing a pet is the worst.
But the good memories stay with you forever.
[CHITTERING] I get the feeling Vision's gonna be okay.
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