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AZ-345211896246498721347, also known as AZ-3 by clone trooper Fives, was a medical droid in the service of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


AZ-3 was stationed in Tipoca City, on the planet Kamino, helping the medical staff there. When ARC Trooper CT-5555, nicknamed "Fives", was brought in following Tup's attack on a Jedi General, he helped in overseeing his treatment and evaluation. AZ-3 told the Kaminoans doctor that the best way to get to the source of Tup's problem would be to do a complete Level 5 atomic brain scan on him, but they did not think it would be helpful, though in truth they knew that the Level 5 brain scan would allow the Jedi to find out about the Inhibitor chip in Tup's brain. The inhibitor chip in truth, was implanted into the Clone Army at the behest of Darth Tyranus who they thought was a Jedi.

Later, AZ-3 was convinced by Fives to do the biopsy and disobey orders given by the doctors. When they found the Inhibitor chip (Which they thought was a tumor), they had it removed and unfortunately Tup ended up dying. Although Tup had died, it had lead Fives to recognize that all clone troopers have this same tumor, and so he ordered AZ-3 to hopefully get his own tumor out successfully. AZ-3 eventually did successfully get the tumor out of Fives and both realize that the cause of Tup madness was cause of his chip degrading. They then went into a investigation (faking that they left the city) when they were finally cornered. Fives then told Jedi Master Shaak Ti all he knew about the inhibitor chip with the Kaminoan retorting that it was a safegaurd to keep the clones sane. Shaak Ti decided then to take Fives back to Coruscant to get a better grasp at what the chip was and its purpose with AZ-3 staying on Kamino.

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