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Abidos the Third (アビドス3世 Abidosu San-sei) is an ancient boy pharaoh and the fifth of the Shadow Riders. He never lost a single Duel. Abidos regained physical form through the powers of the Shadow Charm headband he wore. With an army of mummies, Abidos gathers Jaden Yuki and company on his celestial yacht for a Duel. During the Duel with Jaden, Abidos realizes that the only reason he kept winning was because his opponents always lost on purpose, simply because he was a pharaoh. Jaden, however, manages to give Abidos a real Duel in which the opponent actually tries to win. Satisfied with his defeat, Abidos departs for the afterlife, giving Jaden his Shadow Charm, the latter making a promise to meet him again in one hundred years time.

His name is derived from the name of the ancient Egyptian city, Abydos. Abidos' character is based on a real world pharaoh, apparently Tutankhamun.

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