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He crashed in the California Desert 8 years ago in the Flash Paradox Timeline. He is a Green Lantern. He died on impact of his alien ship. According to the report he muttered something in English "Beware my Power" and then his glowing ring floated off his hand and then shot off into Space. 


Abin Sur was a member of the Green Lantern Corps and assigned to space sector 2814. At and unknown time he crash landed on Earth and died of his injuries before his Power Ring could begin the recruitment process. As a result his ring remained with him and eventually ran out of power. Both his ship and body were taken into custody by the U.S Government and experiment on under the supervision of General Sam Lane. With the inevitable battle between the forces of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. General Lane assigned expert pilot Hal Jordan to pilot Abin Sur's ship on a suicide mission to destroy Aquaman's forces before he can attack New Themyscira. Before boarding the ship Hal saw the preserved body on Abin Sur in his Green Lantern uniform.

This reality ceased to exist after a time displaced Barry Allan (The Flash) went back in time and prevented his younger self from saving his mother. As a result Abin Sur still died but his power ring was able to find Abin's successor in time... Hal Jordan.

Powers and Abilities


  • Indomitable Will


Oath unknown.


This is the only interpretation of Abin Sur portrayed where his ring was unable to find a successor. As a result there was no new Green Lantern of space sector 2814 in this reality.