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Real Identity: Abnegazar Affiliations: Brothers Djinn Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock and Abate and Switch) Powers/Skills: Flight, Knowledge of Magic, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat Voiced By: Damian O'Hare 

Abnegazar is one of the Brothers Djinn, five vile ghouls who ruled over primitive Earth until they were defeated and imprisoned by The Wizard Shazam and Adam. In the present, Adam freed the Brothers to wreck havoc. Of the five, Abnegazar is rather dimwitted and tends to annoy his brother Nyorlath as a result. While Nyorlath gloated about using a spell to take away Superman and Wonder Woman's powers, Abnegazar interjected and revealed it was based on their names. Because of that, Green Arrow came up with a plan for everyone to change costumes to throw off the spell. Meanwhile, Abengazar was excited about reopening the fissure and mistakenly tried to chant alone. Nyorlath smacked him and reminded him it was more brotherly for all of them to chant in unison. The League's plan worked and Swamp Thing smashed Abnegazar into a wall. He was then drop kicked by Plastic Man.

Black Adam, however, emerged from the fissure and transformed the Brothers into giant monsters. It pursued Green Arrow to the top of the volcano where he and Batman forced it to fall into the lava below. Abnegazar emerged in a rage but Batman stopped him in his tracks with freeze pellets. Constantine opened a portal below. Batman and Arrow jumped atop Abnegazar to dislodge him and he fell right into the portal.