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Abradolf Lincler is a humanoid experiment debuting in Ricksy Business. He was created when Rick combined the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler, in an attempt to create a morally neutral super leader. He failed and the end result was a cognitively dissonant and morally-confused emotional trainwreck.


At the end of "Ricksy Business" it is revealed that Abradolf survives the ordeal. He utters "Revenge...", and is subsequently picked up and used as a sex toy for the Testicle Monsters that inhabit the planets' surface. He is then passed around by the testicle monsters in a weird orgy.


Abradolf Lincler is a giant robotic meta-humanoid. He is a combination between Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. He is a man with the top hat, beard, and tuxedo of Abraham Lincoln, and the mustache and suit sleeves of Adolf Hitler.


Lincler is described as a crazed maniac. He speaks at length about the duality of his existence. While he appears to be a tough foe, he is easily beat up by Brad. His personal views are a hodge-podge of Lincoln and Hitler. For example,  while he believes in the emancipation of African-Americans, he also believes in the eradication of 'inferior genes'. He is neither entirely evil nor good. During their search for Collaxion Crystals,Morty and Nancy, accompanied by Lincler, are ambushed and attacked by alien creatures.  Lincler valiantly fights off the monsters, but becomes fatally wounded in the process. He passes his last words along through Morty, revealing that he only wanted to be accepted by his creator, Rick.