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Ace the Bathound is Batman's pet dog.


Ace the Bat-hound was Batman’s dog who assisted him in fighting crime. In the episode “Day of the Dark Mite” he helps Batman fight Catman and his tiger. After scaring the tiger away he traps Catman in a tree and Batman gives him a bat shaped dog treat. In the main episode Bat Mite disguises himself as Ace to trick Batman. At the episode the real Ace appears and Batman presses his collar to make sure he is the real thing.

In the Siege of Starro Part One, Ace chases Booster Gold out of the Batcave on Batman's orders. Later when The Faceless Hunter shows up Ace attacks his and manages to get hit on him before The Faceless Hunter counterattacks and places a starro clone on his face. It is assumed that Ace was freed after Starro was defeated.


  • Legends of the Dark Mite!
  • Siege of Starro, Part One!
  • Plague of the Prototypes!
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