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Adrian Toomes (Earth-92131) from Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 2 13 004.jpg

Adrian Toomes was the owner of Toomes Aerodynamics. Obsessed with flying from a young age, the elderly Toomes began using his company to research anti-gravity fields. Feeling that he was wasting time, Norman Osborn attempted to strong arm Toomes Aerodynamics stockholders into letting him buy it, and merge it with Oscorp.[1] Toomes also become an aviator and fighter pilot at some point in his life.[2]

Toomes finally mastered anti-gravity and created a set of wings that enabled him to fly. Using the technology from the Tablet of Time, he also created a device (built into his Vulture Talons) that allowed him to suck the youth out of people.[3]

After using the youth sucking device on Spider-Man, he absorbed his disease, and began mutating into a Man-Spider. At the lab, Curt Connors tricked the Vulture into permanently holding this disease, which later caused him to escape and hide while ensuring Spider-Man himself would never again become the Man-Spider.[2]

Later, Vulture somehow managed to cure himself of mutation but, as a result, he kept switching from his old to young self and back again (with no control over it). Toomes eventually used his original technology and swapped life ages with an infant Silvermane (who had been de-aged after an accident involving the Tablet of Time), restoring Toomes' youth permanently and again reducing Silvermane to an old man.[4]

Six Forgotten Warriors

Vulture became a member of the Insidious Six, led by the Kingpin replacing Mysterio, who was presumed dead.[5] The Vulture and the Insidious Six went to Russia searching for the missing keys.[6] The Vulture and the Six attacked Aunt May's House looking for the missing keys.[7] The team were betrayed by the Chameleon who was revealed to be the step-son of the Red Skull.[8] The team disbanded as Electro attacked New York.[9]