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As a firefighter, Akitaru was recognised enough to be decorated twice, though both were revoked due to actions that prioritised saving citizens' lives at the expense of defying orders.[6] This past experience allows him to effectively assess situations and calm his allies. Akitaru has a fit physique due to his constant training, which allows him to face Infernals despite lacking abilities common with the other known Captains.[7] He is able to carry up to 30kg of equipment each time he is on a mission to fight an Infernal.[8] After seeing that Ōbi is able to rip train tracks out of the ground and bend steel with his bare hands, Captain Giovanni expresses shock that Akitaru's strength is even possible. In battle, he is seen using different weapons depending on the situation, like the Core Annihilating Pile Bunker or a fire fighting axe, which he can veil in white steam and thrust at the opponent. His weapons appear to be designed in order to impale an Infernal's core with low difficulty. As a combatant, Ōbi strikes without hesitation, grabbing Infernals with his bare hands to hold them still despite them burning him. He will risk his life if it means creating an opening to exploit or to set up his plan. As a strategist, Akitaru is often creating battle plans on the spot, such as using train tracks as a ladder to gain the high ground or using fire extinguishing foam as a smokescreen. He is willing to take massively damaging hits from powerful foes if it means getting within range, even allowing Benimaru to strike him with explosion after explosion if it means hitting him.

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