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Alex (Japanese: アズマ Azuma) is a character of the day in Taming of the Shroomish.

When Alex was a little boy, he used to play with many Shroomish that shared a mansion with his grandfather. But as time went on, the forest around the mansion was being cut down to make way for buildings. Eventually, all the Shroomish left the mansion.

The city was planning on tearing down the mansion that Alex's grandfather had lived in. But strange things have been happening. The workers complained of feeling sick from the mansion. Alex would occasionally check up things to see if anything strange would happen. One day, he happened to come across Ash and Max who were standing in the garden of the mansion. He asked what they were doing there and they said that a Shroomish jumped in the window. Alex didn't believe them but decided to check it out anyway.

Inside the mansion, they all soon found the Shroomish that Max was taking care of. Alex was surprised that a Shroomish had come back to the mansion. Not only was this Shroomish living in the mansion but a large group of them as well. It turned out what was making all the workers sick was the Stun Spore from the Shroomish.

Eventually, Alex stopped the demolition of the mansion and decided to live in it with the Shroomish like he did when he was little.


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