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Alexa, sister of Artemis, she is an Amazon that pursues knowledge rather than becoming a master warrior. She spends her time reading books written by philosophers and mystics. Artemis often felt embarrassed for Alexa and more so when her cowardice on the battlefield led to Persephone's scar.

On Themyscira, she shared Diana's dream of opening lines of communication with the outside world. Alexa longed more learning new things. To further her desire, she switched places with Diana and guarded Ares during the tournament to find a worthy emissary to escort Steve Trevor back home. Persephone betrayed and killed Alexa.

In the final battle, Ares commanded a legion of dead Amazons, including Alexa. Since she was recently killed, Alexa was able to retain part of her humanity and tried to tell Artemis how to free them. In death, she realized she became a true Amazon. Following the battle's end, Artemis decided to honor her memory and take up reading.