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Alfred Pennyworth is the Wayne family butler and helped raise Bruce Wayne in his childhood. He is the only person privy to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's secret identities as Batman and Robin. As a result, he is often tasked with protecting it from others like Aunt Harriet. After some trials and tribulations, Wayne and Pennyworth formed a long standing agreement that if the latter were ever fired, it would only be because the former was under some evil mind control. Pennyworth would then prepare an antidote from Batman's precise instructions and list of ingredients. After an episode of Gotham Palace was disrupted by the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman, Pennyworth informed Wayne the Bat-Signal was being projected. They rushed past Aunt Harriet under the guise of night fishing. When she inquired about their secret, Pennyworth feigned ignorance and excused himself to polish the upstairs door knobs.

The next day, Aunt Harriet nearly discovered the secret entrance to the Batcave in Wayne's study. After she left, Wayne summoned Pennyworth inside and fired him for failing his duty to keep her out. Grayson was shocked. Pennyworth turned over his apron and stated it was an honor to serve Wayne. Grayson gave him a hug goodbye. He told Grayson he was sure he'd continue to make him proud then left. Pennyworth dressed in drab, tattered clothing and scoured the streets for ingredients for the mind control antidote. He rummaged through a trash can and found something of importance then continued on. With the antidote completed, Pennyworth disguised it in a bottle of champagne then disguised himself as a delivery man. He entered the Gotham Palace just as the battle between Batman and Robin and Catwoman's forces reached its conclusion. Batman accepted the bottle and read a congratulatory note about being Gotham's newest pop star. The antidote instantly neutralized the Bat-Anti-Antidote and Batman was soon cured of the spiked Batnip.

Once Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara left with Catwoman in their custody, Pennyworth revealed himself as the deliveryman. Batman explained his back up plan to Robin. Robin was amazed he was once again one step ahead. Batman realized he was manipulated by the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler into serving as a distraction while they conducted their daring crime spree unnoticed. They took off to defeat them. Pennyworth was reinstated at Wayne Manor and helped out at Aunt Harriet's surprise birthday party. However, just as the party started, the Bat-Signal shone again in the sky. Pennyworth subtly informed Wayne. He and Grayson took off to do some "skeet shooting" to Harriet's confusion.