Alien Hunter Dandy.jpg

The first alternate version of Dandy shown. He and his universe are essentially opposite versions of the regular Dandy's universe as he is the greatest alien hunter of his universe, with a 100% capture rate, contrary to the regular Dandy's extremely low capture rate. This Dandy's hair style is a blue quaff compared to original Dandy's black pompadour and looks similar to that of Gurren Lagann protagonist Kamina.

He attempts to capture Dandy and his crew to try and register them as he believes they are aliens, only for Dandy to pull another Cosmic String and escape.

This Dandy is the one most comparable in the looks department to the original Dandy.

This universe's Honey is also a fangirl of Dandy who uses yellow/red cards, possibly an allusion to the World Cup.

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