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Alrich Wren was a male human. He had a wife, daughter and a son. Despite not being a Wren by birth, Sabine's father took his wife's surname because of the power and respect it held in Mandalorian society. He ended up being a captive, in everything but name, on Mandalore after his daughter fled the Imperial Academy of Mandalore out of guilt due to being forced to build weapons for the Galactic Empire that were then used against the Mandalorian people. He was taken hostage to ensure Clan Wren's compliance with the Empire.

After the death of Gar Saxon and the uprising of Clan Wrenwith the support of Fenn Rau, Tiber Saxon set a trap to lure in Clan Wren and their allies in order to capture Sabine Wren, only for the timely arrival of Bo-Katan Kryze to foil the trap, and so Tiber decided to have Alrich Wren transported to Sundari for a public termination.

En route, the convoy transporting Alrich came under attack by Clan Wren, the Nite Owls, and the Rebels, and Alrich was saved by Ezra Bridger, allowing him to reunite with his daughter Sabine after so many years, and then with his wife and son.