Future Dimmsdale is the city of Dimmsdale, twenty years in the future after the events of The Fairly OddParents. The Future Dimmsdale is seen only in "Channel Chasers".Template:Organization


There are two versions of this Dimmsdale, one version was a dictated, ruined one created by Vicky, and the other one was a normal, peaceful one where Timmy Turner grows up to be a normal adult with a family of his own.


In both versions of Dimmsdale, the city appears to be much more futuristic and developed than how it normally appears. A statue dedicated to Chompy the Goat has been built. Dimmsdale Elementary School was also still standing, as was the Turner's House in the bad future, but they were both destroyed during a chase scene. In the bad future, the scenery is heavily damaged but still futuristic, meaning that Vicky must have taken some time to take over Dimmsdale and the world. In the good future, only the backyard and interior of the Turner's house is seen, although the same (now undamaged) futuristic buildings can be seen in the background.


Twenty years after the main series and Timmy Turner's adventures with Cosmo and Wanda, two versions of Dimmsdale were shown. The first was a timeline caused by Timmy when he allowed a TV remote control that could do anything fall into the hands of his babysitter, Vicky. She then used the remote to reach a television program called Dictator Week And form an army that took over the world. After Timmy managed to stop her, the timeline was changed and Timmy grew up to father two children, Tammy and Tommy.


  • The destroyed future and the robots that work under Vicky bare a slight resemblance to post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles from the 1984 movie, The Terminator.
  • The destroyed future also resembles West City that the androids destroyed from the Dragon Ball Z TV special, The History of Trunks.
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