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Amadeus Cho (of Earth-12041 ) also known as Iron Spider is Peter Parker's Rival and a member of the New Warriors .

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Code Names

  1. Spider One - Peter Parker(Ultimate Spider-Man)
  2. Spider Two - Iron Spider
  3. Spider Three - Eugene "Flash" Thompson(Agent Venom)
  4. Spider Four - Scarlet Spider
  5. Subject S - Flint Marko(The Sandman) (Earth-TRN123)
  6. Subject V - Adrian Toomes(The Vulture) (Earth-12041)

Iron Spider

  1. Attempting reboot now. [System shutting down] Systems back online.
  2. Back-up Firewall Online.
  3. Checkmate Program: The self-destruct program we downloaded into your ship's mainframe did all the work.
  4. Comms
  5. Digital Spider-Sense.(GUNSHOT) Not this time, pal.Hey! It worked! (ROARING) (SCREAMING) (IRON SPIDER SCREAMS) Whoa. Cho! - You sensed that? - Digital Spider-Sense. Just designed it. I'm so genius. My brain was totally useful.
  6. Holo-Display
  7. If that ARC reactor blows, it'll take half of Manhattan with it.
  8. Just need to calibrate a pulse to match the pods' vibrational frequency.
  9. My new scanning methods are too complex for me to bother explaining. 
  10. Scanners are clear. Every living thing on this ship has beamed out. 
  11. Scan the Swarm nanobots
  12. Search Parameters
  13. Target lock
  14. Taskmaster's List: When Cho reverse-hacked Taskmaster's tech, he was able to snag this off his files.It's the same list.The latest version of our list.The one we put Cho on yesterday.This means we've been compromised.
  15. Taskmaster uploaded some automated trojan horse program. I'm hacking the program, but It keeps evolving itself. We need a core interrupt.But you'd have to be able to write a multi-function Hibernate-suspend program call. Taskmaster's bug is still inside the armor.It just set the armor to overload.The cooling system is failing! Whatever that bug is doing, I can't access it through the armor's interface.Then I'm gonna have to rewire it manually. I'll bring up the schematics. Find the one red wire. Then cross that one red wire with any of the blue wires.
  16. The intuitive nature of this tech is beyond brilliant.


  1. Spider-Jet: It took me three whole days to build this thing.
  2. Web-Craft Parachutes