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He is a Medical Ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village.


On a mission with the Fourth Raikage and his comrades,Karai was incapacitated and taken back to Amai for treatment. Though his group had successfully acquired the scroll, he was unable to treat Karai. While in town, he saw Tsunade and reported this to the Raikage. Though Karai objected to this, the Raikage noted that he would have Tsunade heal him. When they approached Tsunade, Amai beseeched Tsunade to heal his comrade despite her refusal due to the bad blood between the two nations. He would later aid Shizune during the procedure to remove the Exploding Insect from his chest cavity.


Amai is a competent medical-nin, able to use the Mystical Palm Technique and could even use it to perform haemostasis to control bleeding during his comrade's surgery.


  • "Amai" (甘い) literally means "sweet".