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Amber is a Sherman High Cheerleader that is best friends withKimmy Mysner. She appears in the episode Showdown at Sherman High and tends to follow everything Kimmy does.


Amber first appears in Showdown at Sherman High and revealed to be a cheerleader and friend of Kimmy Mysner. She helps Kimmy to sabotage Ilana in "The Pyramid" routine and seems to be a loyal pawn to Kimmy.

She might reappear in Ballad of Scary Mary but it is unsure.


Amber is a blond with pig tails and is always seen wearing her cheerleaders outfit. In the episode Ballad of Scary Mary there is a girl who looks similar to Amber that speaks to Kimmy but it's unknown if it was her or not due to her different clothing but it's strongly assumed it is.


She seems to be a little nice as to defending Ilana against Kimmy but is also slightly an air headed. She listens to almost everything Kimmy says to her and also seems to be completely terrified of Kimmy's opinions. Just like Kimmy but is also a little conniving as she was planning to sabotage Ilana during the cheerleading try outs by messing up the pyramid. Like in the episode Showdown at Sherman High she got completely scared when Kimmy accused her of eating a unrightful amount of food at lunch, replying she only ate half a fry.



Kimmy, Tiffany and Monica are close friends to Amber as well ascheerleader members.

Powers and Abilities

  • Has the ability to perform difficult cheerleader routines


  • She's already seen as a dumb blonde of the series so far.
  • In The Phantom Ninja Amber wears Pink shirt and purple jeans to school with matching white ballcap, neckband, belt and stilettos. When attending the tasting party that night she changes into sea-green dress, with matching hairbands, necklace and a wrist band. However the next day at school during lunch she is still wearing the fancy dress from the night before and all of its accessorizes.