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One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. She wields the Lightning Blade Kiba the Fang.


After Kabuto joined forces with Akatsuki, he resurrected many dead ninja to fight at their side using Edo Tensei. This included the previous generation of the Mist Seven Swordsmen and Ameyuri. When the Edo Tensei ninja Gari and Pakura met the Third Division of the Joint Shinobi Army in battle, they summoned the other six members of the group to fight along Momochi Zabuza. Ameyuri was among the ninja who still had access to their original blades. When Zabuza used his Kirigakure jutsu to shroud the battlefield in mist, Ameyuri and the other ninja used their sword's abilities against their living foes.


  1. Lightning Blade Jutsu: Thunderbolt
  2. Lightning Style: Depth Charge
  3. Lightning Style: Lightning Fang
  4. Lightning Style: Thunder Gate
  5. Silent Killing


According to Gai he doubts that even 100 Chuunin couldn't defeat her in Battle.