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Amora the Enchantress is an old enemy of Thor who has faced up against many times, almost every attempt she tries to ensnare his heart to obtain his affections. At some point she had allied herself with Skurge the Executioner.


Both her and Skurge had joined the newly formed Cabal led by the Leader, the group of villains had teamed up to finally defeat the Avengers, having able to capture and immobilized them on the Leader's ship, while their plans were initially set back by the interference of the New Avengers, the Cabal were able to escape except for the Leader (who was reveled to not be their "true leader") and disperse the captured Avengers across space.[1][2]

Thor in particular was transported to an asteroid ruled by Amora and brainwashed to be her royal guard. Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel had arrive to rescue Thor but were soon imprisoned by the Enchantress. She forced the two heroes to fight against her snow monster and later soon Thor himself, as the battle ensues, Kamala was able to get through to Thor and break free from Amora's control. Summoning his hammer and rejoins the two heroines to fight the Enchantress, before she escapes, Amora uses her magic to send the asteroid to it's nearest star, leaving the heroes to save the inhabitants still on it.[3]