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Andy Erwin is the goth brother of Rhona Erwin. The twins release sleeping gas into the school and places Tony Stark into competing the D.A.T.'s (Deadly Aptitude Tests) with James Rhodes, Pepper Potts, Whitney Stane (Madame Masque) and Happy Hogan, and is special traps similar to the Saw movies.

After Pepper is freed from her trap by Tony who answers Rhona question, Andy then asks his sister if he can activate the next death trap. Rhona tells him that she's the super villain and he's just her henchman.

Andy with some persuasion does manage to convince Rhona to allow Stark to use a lifeline from the captives that Tony frees. Annoyed that Stark won, Rhona sends Andy to take car of Tony and his friends.

Andy some how easily manages to beat the gang of friends, so Tony puts on the Iron Man armor and ends up fighting Andy, but he appears to have super-strength and laser vision. Iron Man scan of Andy reveals he is actually an android.

Tony tries to make Andy realize that he is an android, but he attacks Iron Man anyway. Iron Man manages to damage Andy. It is revealed that Andy was built by Rhona out of loneliness and who losing grip from reality when she escapes from Ravencroft Institute.