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Angelica "Angie" Diaz[1] (née Phalange)[2] is the mother of Marco and Star Butterfly's host mother during her stay on Earth. She is the wife of Rafael Diaz.


ngie has puffy, auburn waist-length hair tied back in a ponytail with a pink tie, a bang over her right eye, green eyes, red lipstick, and a light skin tone. She wears an orange shirt with pink ruffles around the sleeves and neck, an olive skirt, and brown sandals. She also wears a black bracelet on her left ankle.


Like her husband, Angie sports a cheerful demeanor and tends to look on the bright side, which sometimes bothers Marco. She is demonstrably more mature than Rafael, however, and usually serves as Marco's true parental guidance.

She also has a fiercely protective side concerning her family, as seen in "Storm the Castle", where she is willing to don battle armor and join a rescue party after Marco has been kidnapped by Toffee, and in "Return to Mewni", where she prepares to protect her home from an imagined intruder by wielding a golf club.