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Anti-Jorgen Von Anti-Strangle is an Anti-Fairy that is the complete opposite of Jorgen Von Strangle. Since Jorgen Von Strangle is the leader of the Fairies, Anti-Jorgen is more than likely the least powerful Anti-Fairy out of all of them.


Like all Fairies, Jorgen Von Strangle has an Anti-Fairy counterpart that is the complete opposite of him. Jorgen isn't very embarrassed by his counterpart's pathetic appearance, as the more feminine Anti-Jorgen defines how masculine he is. Jorgen almost never talks about him. Jorgen is the strongest fairy and in charge while Anti-Jorgen is weak and just a plain every day anti-fairy. Jorgen is a sadistic bully with power both physically and politically, making Anti-Jorgen a spineless weakling in a humiliating position in life. He also acts in an extremely girly manner, which is the opposite of Jorgen's manly behavior. A proper way to look at it is seeing Anti-Jorgen in the shoes of Binky and Anti-Binky in the shoes of Jorgen.


Instead of wearing a tough dog military outfit like regular Jorgen, Anti-Jorgen wears a ballerina outfit. A similar version of him was also shown in a Fairly OddParents comic story, Will the Real Cosmo Please Stand Up?, that is apparently 2.5 inches tall. He is a tremendous sissy who enjoys making macaroni art, and unlike the real Jorgen he lacks big muscles due to being a weakling. In "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3", Anti-Jorgen was shown to big muscles unlike in his other appearances.


He was first mentioned in The Gland Plan where Normal Jorgen needed a Figiggly Gland transplant from Anti-Jorgen, and he was first seen in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2:When Nerds Collide in a small cameo alongside the Anti-Tooth Fairy, and he made his first actual appearance in Anti-Poof wherein he was shown on a monitor with other Anti-Fairies when Anti-Cosmo was questioning why there was no Anti-Poof. He also appeared in the comic, Will the Real Cosmo Please Stand Up?, when Jorgen was explaining the nature of Anti-Fairies.