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Anur-Mirrored Hobble was the mirrored version of Hobble that was inside Zs'Castle Zs'Skayr to guard the chambers where Zs'Skayr resides.


Anur-Mirrored Hobble is of a bright blueish color and is much bigger than Hobble. His Alpha Squad suit remains but has a skull in place of a Plumber badge. His eyes are red and pupilless. His Plumber Suit also has a red cross sign instead of the hexagon with a circle. He also has bolts and stitches around his face and tower-like wire coils of a Transylian.

Powers and Abilities

He has enhanced strength in which the normal Hobble doesn't have.


Since being made out of a mirror, he can be easily shattered by any type of combat; weapon or hand to hand.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Charmed, I'm Sure (first appearance; death)