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New Gods
Bekka(Wonder Woman)

Big Barda Big Barda(DC Super Hero Girls) Big Barda(DCUAOM) Big Barda(Earth-23) Big Barda(Justice League Action) Big Barda(Justice League: Gods and Monsters) Darkseid Darkseid(DCUAOM) Darkseid(Earth-16) Darkseid(Justice League Action) Darkseid(Justice League: Gods and Monsters) Darkseid(Teen Titans Go) Desaad Desaad (Lego Universe) Desaad(DCAU) Desaad(DCUAOM) Desaad(Earth-16) Desaad(Justice League Action) G. Gordon Godfrey Granny Goodness Granny Goodness(Earth-16) Granny Goodness(Justice League Action) Granny Goodness(Justice League: Gods and Monsters) Kalibak Kalibak (Super Friends) Kalibak(Justice League Action) Kanto Kanto (Justice League Action) Kara Zor-El(Supergirl) Lashina Lashina(Brave and the Bold) Lashina(Justice League Action) Lashina(Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) Mantis(Earth-16) Orion Platinum Magnus Scott Free(Mister Miracle) Scott Free(Mister Miracle) (Justice League Action) Stompa Stompa(Brave and the Bold) Stompa(Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) Virman Vundabar Virman Vundabar(Justice League Action)

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