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Aquaman appears as a member of the JLA in the Young Justice series voiced by Phil LaMarr making it the second time Aquaman has been voiced by a Futurama voice actor. He resembles his bearded appearance, but wears a type of footwear that exposes the heel and toe areas. In "Independence Day," he and Aqualad end up defeating Killer Frost in Hawaii. He and the other adult mentors of the sidekicks end up called away to help Zatara and the other Justice League members prevent Wotan from blotting out the sun. In "Fireworks," he and the other Justice League members arrive at the ruined Cadmus building following Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy's fight with Blockbuster. When the sidekicks and Superboy wanted some involvement with the Justice League, Aquaman ends up agreeing with Batman and Green Arrow resulting in the formation of Young Justice. In "Downtime," Aquaman tells Aqualad that he had learned what happened following the team's fight with Clayface from Batman (who deduced that Aqualad's homesickness for Atlantis is why the team was defeated). Aquaman ends up called away to help the Justice League with a fire breakout in California. In "Auld Acquaintance" Aquaman is controlled by Klarion and briefly fights Aqualad, but is defeated by his sidekick.

In Season 2, Aquaman is now partners with Lagoon Boy, and is crushed upon discovering that Kaldur'am has been corrupted and joined forces with his father Black Manta. Kaldur'am claims he could not trust Aquaman as he had kept the identity of Black Manta a secret from Kaldur'am. Aquaman states that it was a mistake, and tries to convince him that no one need suffer for it, but Aqualad angrily attacks his teacher. It is later revealed that Aqualad's corruption is truly a facade created so that he may infiltrate the super criminal organization, the Light.


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