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Argent is an 18 year old British goth super-heroine and Teen Titan.


Argent is a very brave, selfless, calm, serious, and dutiful heroine. Typical of a super-heroine, she has a strong morals and is dedicated to helping those in need. She always takes Civilian lives into account first and foremost, worrying about taking down villains only when there is risk of collateral damage.

Argent primarily keeps to herself, possessing an almost loner attitude, which is why she is solo-heroine. She also possess a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. When she does speak to others she usually talks in an almost aloof seemingly uninterested in most things. Despite this, she is not antisocial, as she accepts and appreciates help from others and can work well with other heroes whom she has only just met. As passes, she starts to enjoy teaming up with other heroes.

While usually calm and stoic, Argent can raise her voice in dire situations. Also she is not above being hyperactive and fun loving. Argent is shown to have a strong taste in fashion, especially when it comes to her favorite color. During a moment like this she becomes a bit more peppy and carefree.


Argent possesses the power to generate crimsoned-colored energy from her hands. By concentrating hard enough she can shape the energy into any kind of object she wants, ranging from giant hands to metal tools to whatever else she can think of. She also possess the power of levitation which she uses to fly at supersonic speeds.