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Aquaman appears in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths voiced by Josh Keaton. He assists Batman in fighting off Superwoman on board the Justice League satellite. In a flashback of the Martian Manhunter, it is hinted that he was a member of the Justice League prior to the events in the movie.


As a child, Prince Arthur was raised on Mercy Reef by Arthur Curry. Several years later, he was chosen by his mother, Queen Atlanna, to be the next king of Atlantis. King Arthur now reigns and watches over 2/3 of the planet. He is also a fearless warrior who enjoys the thrill of battle. Many also know him as Aquaman, however, King Arthur is also a victim of pride and is often seen as arrogant. Years ago, Aquaman joined several heroes from the surface world to defeat Starro, the Star Conqueror. Afterwards, the Justice League was formed but Aquaman declined an offer to join.

Years later, Batman managed to convince Aquaman to join an expanded Justice League. He arrived with a small team of recruits when Superwoman, Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Junior teleported into the Watchtower in search of the Quantum Trigger. Always eager for a challenge, Aquaman faced off against Captain Super even though he was statistically weaker than Super. With the help of his allies, Aquaman defeated Captain Super and soundly launched him into the Hangar Bay from the Teleporter Room.