1 [DR.
JANE FOSTER] The Avengers are alive.
I know for a fact that the Cabal didn't disintegrate them.
They just teleported them away far, far away.
I discovered a way to back-trace the missing Avengers through space-time.
I can send you to them.
These tethers are your lifeline back.
Find the Avengers, then activate the tether to come home.
Don't activate the tether until you've found them.
[BEEPING] You'll only have one shot at this.
Good luck.
This is no forest I am familiar with.
That is not our moon.
This is most likely not Earth.
[GROWLS] Hulk saved Cat-man.
Hulk, it is me, Black Panther, and I have come to help you.
What is that on your wrist? [GROWLING] Hulk, where are you going? [SIGHS] Should've known this would not be easy.
You do not have to run any longer, Hulk.
I have a way out of here.
A way back home.
Mm? Too late, Cat-man.
He's here.
Who is here? [GRUNTS, LAUGHS] [BOTH GRUNT] Who "Who," mortal? Why, the hunter supreme of this realm Skurge! Apologies, Skurge.
There will be no hunt today.
We were just leaving.
The tether home! [GROWLING] No, you'll not escape so easily.
Hulk smash Skurge! [BLACK PANTHER, SKURGE GRUNT] [SKURGE YELLS] [GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] [ROARING] Kasta snubba viekr! No! [GRUNTS] [BODY THUDS] Bruce Banner? [PANTING] [SKURGE] Thanks to the magic [GROWLS] of my beloved Enchantress, you'll smash nothing I do not allow, monster.
In this realm, I am the master of the Hulk.
You and your new ally are no match for Is that so, villain? Surrender, or your mortal friend won't see another day in Asgard.
[SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] There is no finer realm for a hunt.
I knew another Avenger would come for this Hulk and join my sport.
In our last hunt, Black Panther, you bested me only with the help of your allies.
This time they are not here to save you.
Let us hope you provide a bit of entertainment.
I will give you the hunt of your life, if you let Bruce Banner go.
It would be rude to leave him out.
But I have a remedy.
To replace the band I destroyed of yours, outlander, a new one.
Snubba praell knutr! Huh? Now I will hunt you both.
Two quarries, for twice the sport.
But I am not without a measure of fairness.
I will give you a lead, to the count of the nine realms.
- Run! - Jotunheim, Asgard, Alfheim, Muspelheim, Nidvellir, Vanaheim, Svartlheim, Nifleheim, and Midgard.
[LAUGHING] Watch out for the poison thorns.
I think they're lethal.
[GRUNTS] We would have an easier time over open ground.
Then Skurge will get us.
He'll hunt us from above.
Hide! [GROWLING] [GRUNTS] Skurge somehow changed you from the Hulk to human.
How was he able to do that? I don't know.
Just when Bruce Banner is about to keel over, he uses that magic stone in his ax to turn me back into the Hulk.
And if Hulk gets close to smashing him Well, you saw what happens.
I can't control the change.
I'm I'm I'm helpless.
You are Bruce Banner, so I doubt that.
But I will find us a way out.
Without my tether, however, I am not quite sure how yet.
[SNIFFING] They're close.
I can smell them.
Kanu skia berserk'r! I know how to get us home, Panther.
We just have to Oh, no.
[GROWLING] [ROARING] [GRUNTS] Why is Hulk chained to puny Cat-man? Hulk, wait.
[YELLING] [CRIES OUT] [YELLS] Hulk make Skurge pay! Hulk, stop! Banner he had a plan to get us Bah! Hulk would smash puny Banner! [ROARS] [GRUNTING] So much for conversation.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Hulk, you must calm down.
Cat-man try to stop Hulk too? Hulk smash you, Cat-man! I am not against you, Hulk.
Hulk find Skurge and smash him.
Out in the open? Not very smart, Hulk.
But then again, you're not very smart.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS, YELLS] [YELLS] [ROARS] [GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [SKURGE LAUGHING] [HULK STRAINING] Kasta snubba viekr! [LAUGHING] [GROANS] [YELLING] Black Panther! Panther, wake up! We're in trouble! Hold on! [BOTH GRUNT, GROAN] [BOTH GRUNT] Bruce, are you hurt? [GROANS, MUTTERS AFFIRMATIVELY] [BOTH YELL] [THUD] [BOTH GRUNT] [GROANS] Don't look like Asgardians.
What are they? I don't know.
They look puny, but they do look soft and plenty fine to eat.
[CRACKLING SOUND] [GRUNTS SOFTLY] Bruce, where are you? In the same trouble as you.
I think we should've peeled the skin off the cat.
For a quicker roast.
We bake him in that skin.
Seal in the juices real rich.
I would rather we did not cook the cat at all.
Quiet! You don't get a say.
More wood for the fire, Ulik! [GRUNTS] Banner, I can cut us free if you can distract the big one.
How am I supposed to do that? Bruce Banner is supposed to be a genius.
Think of something.
Hey, troll, you were right.
I was right about what? You were right.
The cat needs peeling.
I knew it! The cat needs peeling! Thank you, Banner.
[GRUNTS] What are you doing? [GRUNTS] [GROANS] You don't listen to the food, you eat it.
This food is smarter than you.
[BOTH GRUNT] [THUDDING] [ULIK] I'll tenderize you with my pounders! You hit like you cook! - [ULIK] Oh, yeah? - Yeah! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [BLOW LANDS] [BLOW LANDS] [BLOW LANDS] Ulik's weapon may prove useful.
[GROANS] Hungry? Eat this! [YELLS] [BOTH YELL] Fine.
Then we skin it.
I heard 'em.
[BRUSH RUSTLES] Over that way! [PANTING] [SIGHS] We are not going to last long chained together.
What do you have in mind? No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Aaahhh! Aah! [GRUNTS] I've tried that.
With anything hard I could get my hands on.
Only Skurge can break the enchantment with his ax.
Then let us focus on getting out of here.
Before you turned into Hulk, you told me you had a way out.
Beyond those mountains is the city of Asgard.
The home of Thor.
And his friend, Heimdall, who has the means to get us home.
Problem is, Skurge won't let me get close.
I've been trying for weeks.
Well, we did just escape a pair of hungry trolls.
We have a better shot together.
Take this.
[GRUNTS, STRAINS] This does not seem so bad.
Well, we haven't seen any goblins yet.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLING] [STRAINING] [GRUNTS] [HISSING] What do the goblins want? To eat us, like everything else in this forsaken place.
We better run.
You are only as useful as you think you are.
Hold them off! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Yeah! [LAUGHING] Yes! Oh, they would be foolish enough to brave the goblins.
Go! [PANTING] And you wondered if you were useful.
Well, I've been told I'm good at smashing.
[YELLS] Never made it this far before.
We should make the gates by morning.
Whoa! Ugh.
I thought all their bridges were made of rainbows.
Keep moving.
We are doing well.
Too well.
[LAUGHS] Too well.
Kanu skia berserk'r! [CRIES OUT] [GROANING] Oh, no.
[BOTH YELL] [GRUNTING] - [YELLS] - Hulk hate falling! Where are they? Hmm? [GROWLS] Hmm? [GROWLS] [YELLS] [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY] [BOTH SIGH] [LAUGHS] Cat-man fooled bald man.
Cat-man is smart.
[LAUGHING] [LAUGHS] Black Panther.
You can call me Black Panther.
[GROWLS] Hulk calls Cat-man "Cat-man.
" Fine.
Call me whatever you want.
- Do you trust me now? - Mm.
Hulk will listen to Cat-man.
[GROANS] Then let us get out of here.
We are going that way.
[GRUNTS] Hang on, Cat-man.
Hulk go the right way? Yes.
We are almost there.
You're not going anywhere, except to your doom! [BOTH GRUNT] [BOTH YELLING] [HULK YELLS] Hold on! [BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS, GROWLS] [GRUNTING] [LAUGHS] You Avengers have made this quite a challenge.
But no more hunting, and no more running.
[GRUNTS] [THUD] No more mercy.
[GRUNTS] Smash! [ROARING] Kasta snubba viekr! No! [GRUNTS] I've seen the Hulk rage, but I have yet to see you lose control, Cat-man.
Let us see how you fight when consumed with the fury! Kanu skia berserk'r! No! [GRUNTS] [GROWLING] [ROARS] [GRUNTS] [SNARLING] Panther, you've got to control the rage! [SNARLS] Curious.
How Black Panther was able to help the monster in you to overcome my curse of the beserker.
Your magic only works on those who don't know they can fight it, Skurge.
I know that now.
Ah, you've learned too late, mortal.
[GASPS] [SNARLS] [GRUNTS] Come, then, meet your doom, beast! [SNARLING] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [SNARLS] Come on, Panther.
Stay down.
- [SNARLING] - You're beaten.
We're beaten.
Panther not beaten! Oh, yes, you are.
[LAUGHING] You have found your courage, mortal.
But this day will be long remembered as the one Skurge finished two of Earth's mightiest heroes - with a single strike! - No! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] The spell is it broken? Let's find out.
[GROWLS, ROARS] Skurge! [PANTING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] Kasta snubb [ROARS] To me, my wolf! [GRUNTS] [GROWLING] [YELLS] [WHIMPERS] [GRUNTS, YELLS] Ah - [YELLS] - [SCREAMING] Hulk smash you now! [GROWLING] Wait! I have a better idea.
Next meal we eat raw.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLING] Blasted mortals! [ULIK] Skurge! [GASPS] Your hunt has taken you awfully far from home.
Why don't you stay for dinner? We'd love to have you.
[LAUGHING] Uhh [GRUNTING] Come back, brave hunter! [LAUGHING] I have been watching.
You have done well, mortals.
Heimdall knows the Hulk.
I know you, Hulk, but I do not know the stranger with you.
Black Panther.
His name's Black Panther, and he helped the Hulk.
Hulk was bewitched here by Enchantress and Skurge.
I came to his aid.
I suspected something amiss.
I have scoured the realms for the Son of Odin, but he is beyond my sight.
We are working to bring Thor back as well.
We will send word when we find him.
Then you have my gratitude, Black Panther.
I will return you to the realm of Midgard.
You came to save me, the Hulk.
You barely even know me.
I know you are a hero.
Besides, we are Avengers.
This is what we do.

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