Atrocitus (Green Lantern Animated Series)

Atrocitus appears in Green Lantern: The Animated Series, voiced by Jonathan Adams, where he serves as one of the main antagonists. Due to the animated series using CGI, his design was partially simplified for the show, giving him a more smooth, organic look with a scar on his face. He seeks vengeance against the Green Lanterns and particularly the Guardians of the Universe for the Manhunters' massacre of Space Sector 666, also known as "the Forgotten Zone" in the series. He devises a plan for the Red Lantern armada to use special planet-killing explosive devices called "Liberators" to blast through an asteroid belt protecting Oa. This incarnation is willing to destroy entire worlds in the name of "liberation" from the Guardians, and is willing to manipulate others into becoming his soldiers. He is eventually revealed to have murdered Razer's wife in hopes of making Razer his eventual successor. In the episode "Homecoming", when Jordan volunteers to help Atrocitus repair the damage done by the Manhunters, he responds by saying the only way to repair the damage is to kill the Guardians himself, though he is defeated by Jordan. He later reappears in "Love is a Battlefield", in which he is freed from his prison and given his ring back by Aya (Green Lantern Animated Series) to be her champion of hate. Aya's offer is his freedom by killing Carol Ferris. While battling Carol, she uses her Star Sapphire ring to summon Hal Jordan and together they defeat him. In the episode "Larfleeze", Razer mentions that the Orange Lanterns once fought Atrocitus to a standstill and he was never able to conquer their territory.

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