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Ax Jenkins is an employee at BICI. who greets Hayley on her first day at work in "My Affair Lady". Hayley finds herself attracted to him, but has mixed feelings due to her marriage to Jeff Fischer.

On a team building exercise to Belize, another employee named Mary drops that Ax is already married, causing Hayley further distress. Ax dismisses it as a marriage in name only later revealing that his wife is in an iron lung following an accident involving a Pixy Stick. Roger continues to want her to have the affair, although Klaus sides with Hayley to resist after revealing that he too was the victim of an affair by his past love, until Roger pushes her into going to him. But when she discovers that he has a tattoo of his wife and that it is one of Roger's personas named Roslyn, she refuses to go any further. Roger admits that the reason he wants her to get Ax to cheat is that he gets a big settlement in a per-nuptual agreement if he does. Hayley refuses to be a part of it until the boss, Mr. Brenner realizes that blowing the money on the trip was a poor decision and fires half of the employees, including Hayley.

Hayley agrees to participate for a cut of the money, but arriving at Ax's house with "Roslyn" in her iron lung, outs Roger's persona by claiming to have had an affair and further proves Roger is faking his injuries by opening the iron lung, showing Roger playing a game.

Ax is voiced by Justin Kirk.