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An experimental prototype powered by the green energy itself. Well, the interceptor is potentially the fastest ship ever created by sentient life.This prototype is so sophisticated and travels so fast that the nav-computer is an actual artificial intelligence.


- She's beutiful. - She? She. A ship is always she. Wonder how you fly this baby Please define term: Beutiful. That must be the AI nav-computer. Hello Aya. We're your new best friends: Hal and Kilowog. We want to learn how to fly you. AI does not spell Aya, it spells Ayee. But Aya is a pretty name. A pretty name for a pretty girl. Don't you ever stop? New designation accepted. Aya. - Aya, would you like to play a game? - What game? This game is called Joyride. How does one play Joyride?

Aya, listen to me. Kilowog and I are Green Lanterns. We help people. Right now there's some other Green Lanterns in trouble at the coordinates I gave you. It is unsafe to bypass protocols. Green Lanterns risk their lives to save the lives of others. Aya, please.


  • Initiate ultra-warp, now! Ultra-warp protocol requires at least 43 minutes to calculate.


Warning! Bypassing protocols has resulted in unstable ultra-warp field. Disintegration imminent. Hull integrity at seven point seven five percent.

Aya, can you convert to manual controls? Affirmative. However manual control a vehicle while in ultra-warp Do it! How is this better?! If I can slow us down I might be able to punch through the ultra-warp conduit without breaking her apart.