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B'wana Beast is a minor character in Teen Titans Go!. He appeared in You're Fired!, in the Teen Titans Try-Out, right after Vixen.


He has the power to communicate with animals, and morph them together. He is seen morphing Silkie and the rabbit (Vixen used for her tryout) together, converting them into a mutant. This caused the Titans to cringe in disgust, resulting him (B'wana Beast) a quick denial.


Animal Combination - B'wana Beast can combine animals together and, whatever the result, is under his command. An example of this is the merging of Silkie and a bunny. However, what it looks like is out of his control.

Enhanced Strength - He has a big muscular body, suggesting that he is quite strong.

Animal Communication - He can understand and speak to animals.


  • When Cyborg was attempting to convince the Titans to re-welcome Beast Boy, he tried to discourage B'wana Beast by making puns with the name "B'wana" as a replacement for the word "wanna." Some examples of this include: "I bet you b'wanna a new name!" and "If you b'wanna some pants, I could get you some!".
  • B'wana Beast auditioned for the Teen Titans even though he is a member of the Justice League.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold , B'wana Beast had a relationship with Vixen. It is unknown if he still does.
  • In other series featuring B'wana Beast in them, he was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Richardson might be his future voice actor, but it is unknown if he will make another appearance in the show or not.