The President is the president of the United States of America. He first appeared in the episode Get Schwifty and is voiced by actor Keith David.


In the episode Lawnmower Dog, Snuffles was trying to talk to Jerryand Summer but they couldn't understand him. Summer thought he was saying "I love Obama.", which was apparently not true, as Snuffles started getting mad and shaking his head at her.

In the episode M. Night Shaym-Aliens!, Rick was inside of a holographic projection, where an ambulance pulled up and some paramedics started yelling out that The President of the United States was in there having a stroke and they needed 3 CCs of concentrated dark matter. The President was not actually seen, but a lump in the sheets of the bed he was on was.

The President appeared in the episode Get Schwifty, in the Pentagon with the other people, discussing the problems with the Cromulon head, confronting the planet. Rick and Morty came in and Rick explained that the Cromulon head had them all on a TV show and said that the only way to defeat he Cromulon head was with a hit musical number. While everyone else was skeptical about it, The President put faith in them, thinking they would defeat it. He assigned them with Ice T to defeat the giant head. General Nathan could not believe that he could allow something so ridiculous to happen and argued that they needed to use missiles to destroy it, but The President disagreed. Nathan then knocked out The President and took over. When his plan failed, The President came back and helped defeat the Cromulon head, being in the song Raised Up. This was a success and they all got sent back to their universe again. The President then forced Morty to deny that any of these events ever happened, threatening him with death and then left, never to be seen again.


The President is a tall, African American male with dark black hair. He wears a dark blue suit and a red tie.


  • Although his name was never mentioned, it's most likely that he is Barack Obama, since he resembles him in physical appearance, and is the president in a series that takes place in the exact same world and time as real life.
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