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Batgirl (real name Barbara Gordon) is a teenage superheroine who trained under Batman to become a crime-fighter.


Batgirl danced with Aqualad at a Titans East Dance Party.

Alternate future 

In a plausible future created by Beast Boy and Cyborg, Batgirl moved into the Titans Tower after marrying Nightwing and had multiple children with him. She kissed Nightwing until an uncomfortable Beast Boy and Cyborg left to find Starfire. Batgirl later interrupted Nightwing, Starfire, and Raven in their battle to stop Beast Boy and Cyborg by shushing at them. Nightwing apologized but her distraction allowed the two Titans to travel back in time and alter the future.

Physical appearance 

Batgirl wears a lot of black. She wears a mask the covers half of her head and leaves the mouth and nose unmasked. She wears a small purple cape at the back of her back. She wears a black sleeved shirt that has an emblem of a yellow bat and has yellow gloves on her hands. She wears skinny black pants with yellow boots on her feet. Batgirl has orange hair, blue eyes, and pink lips.


Teen Titans Go! 

  • 109b. "Starliar" (cameo, no lines)
  • 116b. "Staring at the Future"
  • 308b. "Black Friday" (cameo, no lines)


  • In another DC universe, Robin and Batgirl are a couple.
  • This isn't the first time that Tara Strong has voiced Batgirl but she voiced this character in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • In La Larva de Amor Batgirl's likeness appears on the hull of the Batboat, where Batman and James Gordon are fishing.