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Bartholomew Aloysious Lash, known to friends as Bat Lash, was a professional itinerant gambler in the Western US territories in the late 1800s. He was also an ally of several justice-minded persons in the West.


Displeased at Tobias Manning's criminal activities using information and equipment supplied by Chronos, Lash decided to help Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith, the bounty hunter Jonah Hex, and the masked hero El Diablo find a way to defeat him.

To that end, Lash volunteered to enter the town of Elkhorn, Oklahoma which was under the villain's control to find information about him and enticed him into a game of poker. After winning big, Lash found himself outgunned by Manning's advanced weaponry and arrested and summarily condemned by the villain. However, Lash was freed by BatmanGreen Lantern and Wonder Woman who were inadvertently pulled into that era by Chronos who happened to be in an adjoining cell at that time of Lash's confinement.

Later, Lash and his contemporary fellows and the time travelers joined up to defeat Manning and succeeded.

Abilities and equipment 

Bat Lash was an expert gambler and a decent shot with firearms. However in keeping with his profession, he preferred to use his considerable charisma and charm to resolve dangerous situations when possible.

Background information 

Bat Lash first appeared in Showcase #76 (1968) with participation of the famous humor cartoonist Sergio Aragones, and he had a short lived series soon after world along with subsequent scattered later appearances and at least one mini-series. He also appears frequently in the other comics whenever heroes travel back in time to the old west. Lash is heavily influenced by the popular western television series, Maverick.


Justice League Unlimited

  • "The Once and Future Thing Part One: Weird Western Tales"