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Beat Box is a minor recurring character in Teen Titans Go!. He is one of Robin's little buddies and also Birdarang's wingman and best friend.


When Cyborg and Robin became obsessed with power moves, they started combining all sorts of gadgets. One of these was a birdarang that could talk, which was a combination of Robin's bird-a-rang and Cyborg's microchip. When Robin stabbed his staff into the side of Cyborg's boombox, it magically transformed into the living Beat Box.


  • Before his real name was revealed, he was given the fan name "Boomstaff".
  • Initially, Robin's staff pierced fully through the Beat Box, and a hole could be seen on its reverse side in the merging scene. The hole on the reverse side is not seen again at any time.
  • In "Puppets, Whaaaaat?", he seems to have gotten his own TV show, co-starring with Birdarang.
  • He has died twice. The first death was in "Little Buddies," where he was crushed by Pain Bot. The other time was in "Brian," but he was brought to life when Cyborg gave him new batteries.
  • His first death was not canon, just like most of the other deaths in the series.
  • Beat Box is best friends with Birdarang.
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