Benin (ベニン, Benin) is a member of the Dark Ones.


Benin is a tall woman with long wavy waist length deep lavender colored hair, and yellow-golden eye irises. She wears a dark green shihakushō that exposes most of her cleavage, a red obi around her waist, wears a dark green beret cap on the top of her head, and wears a dark green armored breastplate that is held by red ropes covering her around chest.[1]


Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Benin accompanies the rest of the Dark Ones to capture Senna and watches as Jai tries to capture her. However, she and the rest of the Dark Ones retreat once Ichigo Kurosaki interferes with her capture.[1]

Later, Benin and the rest of the Dark Ones ambush the Gotei 13 when they arrive to take Senna into custody. Benin fights against Suì-Fēng until Ganryū manages to capture Senna. After Ganryū makes the Blanks explode, Ichigo confronts the Dark Ones alone with his Bankai. Benin and the other Dark Ones try to stop him, but Ichigo manages to bypass them and close in on Ganryū. However, Ganryū impales Ichigo with a spear, allowing all of the Dark Ones to retreat to the Valley of Screams.[1]

Ganryū manages to begin the process of making the Valley of Screams collapse, but Ichigo invades the Valley of Screams. Benin and the other Dark Ones manage to hold him off, but Ichigo soon receives help from the Gotei 13, who have come to assist him to rescue Senna. Benin attempts to fight Rangiku Matsumoto, but retreats once she releases her Shikai.[1]

Later, Benin attempts to kill Yumichika Ayasegawa with a crossbow, but is confused when her arrow does not hit him. Suì-Fēng calls out to her and reveals that she caught her arrow. Benin and Suì-Fēng then fight, with Suì-Fēng avoiding and blocking each of Benin's strikes. When the mark of a Hōmonka appears on Benin's chest, she manages to catch Suì-Fēng off-guard and begins to strangle her with the chain of her daggers. However, Suì-Fēng breaks free from her grip and kills Benin with her Nigeki Kessatsu.[1]


Chained Daggers: Benin primarily fights with two daggers. Their blades curve over the hilts, and the daggers themselves are connected by a single chain that is attached to both hilts.[1]

Throwing Knives: Benin possesses throwing knives, which she uses when she's fighting at a considerable range from her opponents. She is can throw them at high speeds.[1]

Crossbow: Benin carries a crossbow that has an enhanced scope, capable of zooming in on her targets.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Expert Swordswoman: Benin fights with considerable skill with her daggers, managing to stall and even hold her own against a Shinigami captain.[1]



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