Bernadeth(Justice League Action)

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Real Identity: Bernadeth Appearances: It'll Take a Miracle! Powers/Skills: Armed Combat and Invulnerability Voiced By: Not Applicable 

Bernadeth is one of Darkseid's elites and is skilled in the use of blades either in close quarters or mid-range throwing them. She joined a small team sent to a theater on Earth to recover the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation from Mr. Miracle after Batman failed to on his own. Batman refused to stand down and forfeit the life of Darkseid's hostage, Big Barda. Lashina wrapped Batman in her steel band and pulled him forward. Bernadeth leaped and prepared to thrust Batman but he counter spun and stopped short of her and severed the band. Batman held his arms up and Bernadeth's second stroke accidentally freed him from the band. Miracle kicked Granny and Bernadeth into a piano on the front stage. Miracle and Batman jumped into a trunk. On Granny Goodness' order, Bernadeth thrust into the trunk repeatedly but no one was inside. They emerged from a giant present box across the stage. Miracle leaped over Bernadeth and stomped Granny's left foot. Granny and her team returned to Apokolips empty handed.

After Miracle boomed Darkseid away from his throne room, Bernadeth threw her knives at Batman and Big Barda. Batman dodged and Barda blocked them. Batman threw exploding Batarangs at Bernadeth then threw the orb containing the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation at her head. He jumped off her back and caught the orb. Granny set off another shockwave but Miracle recovered the orb. Bernadeth jump kicked Miracle, held him down, and prepared to apply the finishing blow but Big Barda grabbed her arm and decked her into a pillar. Bernadeth and Lashina emerged from rubble and rushed towards Batman, Barda, and Miracle along with many Parademons but they boomed off-planet.

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