In this alternate reality, Betty Ross is a woman who had befriended Bruce Banner, who had become the hero known as the Hulk; it wasn't long before the two fell in love, and she was the only one who could calm him down whenever he became frustrated and transformed into the Hulk. She was in New York City when Ultron attacked and managed to over-power and kill most of the original Avengers. While Bruce had gone into hiding, so he could learn to get better control of his Hulk transformations in the New Mexico Desert, Betty decided to join the city's survivors under the leadership of Hawkeye (Clint Barton). While Clint died trying to help stop Ultron, his son' Francis Barton took up his father's mantle and became the new Hawkeye, leading the rest of the resistance from then on. They all took to hiding in Grand Central Station under New York as a secret base, while Ultron re-built New York as Ultra City above them; things started to look hopeless until James Rogers, Torunn, Azari, and Henry Pym Jr. (children of the other Avengers like Francis) came along. They had come to the city with Vision's detached head, looking for a way to rescue Iron Man (Tony Stark) and stumbled upon Francis and the others in the process. Together with Francis, the young Avengers went to save Iron Man, while Betty took the head of Vision and kept it safe.

As soon as they rescued Tony, Betty then told Tony that Bruce was alive and hiding in the desert in secret, after which Betty joined the New Avengers to find Bruce, and ask for his help; but as soon as they found him, Bruce refused to because he had settled into a life of peace which helped control the transformations into the Hulk, and he didn't want to run the risk of spreading destruction again.

However when the Iron Avenger Robots sent by Ultron found them and started attacking the desert hideaway, the Young Avengers began to fight back outside, while Betty snuck away as the Iron Wasp Robots started attacking Bruce, causing him to transform into the Hulk once more and join the fight. Once the battle was over and The Avengers had finished Ultron and his Machines, Betty then calmed Hulk down, and together Betty and the Hulk leapt away to live their lives in peace, while Tony Stark and the new Young Avengers headed back to New York to finish off the rest of Ultron's forces.

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