Bibbo Bibbowski is infamously known as the unluckiest sailor in Metropolis and Superman's biggest fan. He went into the restaurant business and opened Ace O'Clubs Bar and Grill in Hobb's Bay. After Intergang was defeated outside City Hall, Bibbowski struck up a conversation with Superman and asked to take a picture with him for his new bar and grill, Ace O'Clubs. Jimmy Olsen saw his chance to get closer to Detective Sawyer and Lieutenant Turpin. He jumped the police barrier and offered to take the photo. Bibbowski thanked Olsen and told him to come by Ace O'Clubs with the photo and he'd give him free ribs. Olsen arrived around lunch time. Bibbowski complimented him on the photo then noticed one of Ace O'Club's matchbook. Olsen decided to ask him if he heard anything. Bibbowski remembered some goons talking about a caper and pointed two of them out. Bibbowski warned him not to mess with them and pointed out he didn't even eat yet. Olsen insisted he was just going to see where they were headed.
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