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Real Identity: Billy Batson Affiliations: Justice League Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock and Abate and Switch) Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Invulnerability, and Flight Voiced By: Sean Astin 

Billy Batson was chosen by the Wizard to be his champion against the enemies of eternity in present times. When Batson spoke his name "Shazam", a bolt of lightning would transform the young boy into a fully grown man imbued with the Wizard's power. Though in this form, Batson's personality persisted. Batson idolized the Justice League and managed to collect every trading card of them.

While in the middle of playing a video game, Billy Batson was teleported to the Rock of Eternity by the Wizard. Batson lamented he was just about to level up. The Wizard instructed him to say his name and vanquish Black Adam, who invaded the Rock and wanted the Wizard's throne for himself. Batson complied but Adam trapped the lightning within a Black Orb. Batson rushed Adam but was simply tripped and taken prisoner. Bound in shackles, Batson could only watch as Adam released the Monsters of Eternity onto Earth. He noticed Batman sneaking into the room and started taunting Adam in order to distract him. Batman and the Wizard failed to destroy the Orb. The Wizard revealed to Batson he could still summon his power, he just needed the strength of mind. After shouting the Wizard's name three times, Batson broke the Orb and he was transformed into Shazam. He easily defeated Black Adam in combat. Adam attempted to return to the throne only to see the Wizard was already seated. He banished Adam. Shazam was eager to return to Earth and recapture the Monsters of Eternity.

Batman enlisted Batson's help against the last of the Brothers Djinn in case Green Arrow's plan didn't work. They arrived at Calythos' second volcano in the Batjet just as Black Adam made his return. Batson jumped out the Batjet and changed into Shazam. He was undaunted by Adam's claim he doubled his power since the last fight. Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, Batman, and Wonder Woman temporarily immobilized Adam, allowing Shazam and Superman to punch him into a portal opened by Constantine. To his surprise, Shazam was invited to join the Justice League and help out just as long as it wasn't a school night. He later helped assemble the League's new base, the Watchtower.