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[Hawkeye] Seven, carry the three, times 28 [Ms.
Marvel] Here are the new receipts.
[sighs] Put 'em there with the others.
[frustrated groan] So, uh, is all that because of me? I don't know, Hulk.
You tell me.
Millions of dollars in damages from when you knocked over a warehouse, from when you smashed the loading docks, from when you stomped on a tanker truck full of gasoline But the truck was already on fire when I got there.
And from when you smashed that toy factory that makes talking teddy bears.
Hey, those mouthy little bears had it coming.
Come on, Hawkeye.
Smashing is what Hulk does best.
Against an alien invasion or cyborg army, sure.
But somebody's gotta take care of all this.
You gotta work on suppressing that rage.
I'm suppressing my rage now.
[alarm blaring] Avengers Compound, hold your fire! [Ms.
Marvel] Black Panther? [all grunt] Hawkeye, stop trying to shoot us down.
There's nobody firing at you.
It's just me, Hulk, and Ms.
[beeping] Cap's right.
Somebody's on the roof! Then that someone's gonna get smashed! [grunts] You attack my friends, then you're just begging to get smashed! [roars] Doctor Strange? [grunts] Get out of the way, Hulk.
[grunts, yells] - All is not as it seems.
- Oh, well, that's a relief, 'cause it seems like you're trying to shoot down our friends.
[grunts] My own arrow? Are you kidding me? Nice to meet you, Doctor Strange.
Now, this may sting a little bit.
[grunts] Ms.
Marvel, you are interfering in matters you don't understand.
[roars] [grunts] [Hulk] And you're interfering with the Avengers! Release me! You don't know what you're doing! [frustrated grunting] [Captain America] We have questions, Doctor.
Let's start with why you were attacking us.
I assure you, I was not aiming at the Avengers.
Sure looked like it.
[Black Panther] Doctor Strange, the Avengers - have never had reason not to trust you.
- Till now.
We do need to know what's going on and why Doctor Strange is here.
Get him out of the restraints.
No need.
I can do it myself.
[growls] My apologies, but you were transporting with you something or someone that shouldn't be here.
I am the keeper of the Eye of Agamotto.
The Eye sensed a presence not felt in this realm for thousands of years.
It sensed the presence of Agamotto.
[gasps] Okay, I have no idea who that is.
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
As in "Eye of Agamotto"? Agamotto is an actual guy? All this time we've known you, you've been wearing - his eye around your neck? - Ew.
Long ago, Agamotto was the first sorcerer supreme.
But his hunger for the knowledge and power of the unknown had no end, and he became corrupt and evil.
Agamotto was banished, but not before his powers were passed into this amulet called the Eye of Agamotto.
By the Vishanti, you mortals love to talk.
The Eye sees all.
Even the deceit of its former owner, Agamotto.
No need to wear this disguise anymore.
The Eye is all that matters.
The rest of you are of no consequence.
[all grunt] [gasps, yells] Your world is lost in chaos.
The Eye of Agamotto will restore me to my full cosmic power so that I can cleanse this wretched realm.
Now give me the Eye.
[yells] [grunts] [grunts, laughs] [grunts] You know the rules, Agamotto.
The Eye cannot be taken, even by you.
It must be given freely, and that is not something I choose to do.
Then you've chosen your fate.
After all [gasps, grunts] the dead have no possessions to bestow.
[laughing] Hmm? [grunts] [roars, grunts] [roaring] There, foolish ogre.
[grunts, yells] [thud] [chain clangs] Mm Huh? [growling] [laughs] Your token resistance is pathetic.
- Venix, holbrum, ascaria! - Hurry it up, Doc! Hmm? Mm.
You cannot defeat Agamotto with conventional tactics.
Yeah! [growls] [roars] Aah! [grunts] [Hawkeye] Get down! [groans] Still, you try to fight against me.
Then I will make you fight for me.
[groans] Corse Predominate! [both groan] By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! - He's used the shadows curse! - What does that do? [bodies thud] - Cap and Panther? - These are not our friends.
These are shadows, cursed by the darkness.
[Agamotto laughing] Fulfill your evil purpose, my puppets, and destroy your friends! [grunts] So, these aren't Cap and Panther? No.
These are only shadow copies of their form and powers.
[grunts] [scoffs] "Only," he says.
[grunts, groans] [yells] [yells] [growls] Hulk not afraid of ghosts! [yells] [grunts] Don't make Hulk mad! [yelling] Excellent.
My next puppet will be the most powerful.
[Hulk thinking] No, we can't let him get the Hulk.
Gotta control the rage.
Ah, nothing but a weak mortal.
[grunts] - [Doctor Strange] Bruce Banner? - Uhh! Impressive.
I never imagined Hulk possessed that kind of self-control.
[grunts] [grunts] [panting] Okay, Merlin, let's see you magic your way out of this! Hm.
I hate magic so much! Corse Predominate! [grunts] [groaning] [body thuds] Avengers, with me! They are not to escape with the Eye.
Find them! Into my lab.
We can find some way to fight back.
I've never fought anyone as strong as Agamotto before.
I cannot hope to simply overpower him.
I need time to find the magic that will defeat Agamotto.
I don't know about all your hocus-pocus, but maybe I can come up with a scientific solution.
Man, this place is a mess.
What, did, like, Hulk smash it? I have a rule with myself.
Or with him, I mean.
No Hulk smash in the lab, no matter how frustrated we get.
It must take a great amount of restraint to stand up to the Hulk.
You have no idea.
But science and magic are alike.
We are both tasked with controlling incredible power.
Everything in the universe has a frequency.
Magic or not shouldn't matter.
This energy device should disrupt the frequency field around us, - hopefully masking the Eye.
[buzzing] - That is so cool! One question: why does it look like a monkey wrench? What? No, no.
This is a sophisticated, highly sensitive piece of technology.
It doesn't look like a Oh, man, you're right.
- It looks exactly like a wrench.
- Huh? They found us! [grunts] [grunts] It didn't work.
I can't believe it didn't work! [yells] Where science failed, magic may yet triumph.
This will dispel the shadows! [grunts] - It didn't work? - Will something please work? [grunts] [grunting] [yells, grunts] [grunts] [yells] Whoo! Go, me! Corse Predominate! Aahh! [groans] No! Join the ranks of the dark, twisted shadows! Stop running and fight me, Strange.
- Your power against mine.
- I cannot fight you head-on.
A magic battle of such magnitude would tear this world apart.
There is always another way.
By the traveling tempest of Danaughey! No! Stop him! The Eye may be gone, but I see what it sees.
I will find Strange soon enough.
Banner] So this is where Agamotto broke through to our reality? Yes.
The barriers between our realm and the dimensions of light and dark are thinner here.
I believe I can reopen a portal, and we can push him back through.
Let's get to work on that equation, Doctor.
You know nothing of magic.
But you will learn the meaning of power, and the meaning of my wrath! Did you really think this place would help you? By the calamitous chains of Kah-noo-ski! [grunting] I have the power to destroy you, and once I have the Eye, the power to destroy everything.
[grunting] Bruce can't cast spells without my hands.
[grunting continues] I think I can reach my wrench.
[straining] Got it! [both] Aah! Score one for science.
[grunts] By the Winds of Watoomb! Is this the best you can do, Doctor Strange? No wonder the Eye calls to Agamotto! [grunts] By the Bogs of Bardeaux! [laughing] As if you could keep the Eye from me.
I have power of the dimensions light and dark, fueled by anger you can never understand or defeat! [yells] [groans] [grunts] "Fueled by anger"? Well, perhaps I've been going about this all wrong.
By the Mists of Munnopor! You have anything stronger than mists or winds of Munn-whatever? It's not science or magic that wins this fight, Bruce.
It's willpower.
Come on.
I have a plan.
You can't run from me.
By the Flames of the Faltine! [grunts] Infuriating gnat! [grunts, groans] [grunts] [grunts] [groaning] For the last time, give me the Eye! [grunts] [groans] [grunts] You are mistaken, Agamotto.
- The Eye is no longer mine to give.
- What? The Eye! Where is it? I am so close to power incarnate.
You and your heroes can never defeat me and my anger! [chuckles] I know someone angrier than you.
[grunts] [growls] [growls] [growling] Hulk magic smash! [roaring] [grunts, groans] Doc, do your thing! Hulk gonna teach old wizard new magic tricks.
[knuckles cracking] You? Well, it doesn't matter whose body I take the Eye from.
[roars] [roars] [grunts] [yells, growls] [grunting] [groans] [grunting] You will pay for that, you cursed ogre! [both grunt] [groans] [roars] [grunts, groans] Hulk use magic to smash magic man! [roars] [grunts] [grunting] [yells] [grunts] [grunting] [groans] [grunts] But how could one like him No blundering ogre will defeat me! [yells] [groaning] [grunts] [grunts] [grunting] Impossible.
Oh, it's possible.
[grunts] [grunting] [groans] Hulk, the barriers have weakened.
I am Agamotto! I am Hulk! [groans] [grunts weakly] [grunts] Oh, come on! [growls] Right hand a little higher, Hulk.
- Point the index finger.
- Hm.
[groans] Puny wizard doesn't have the magic Eye.
Only Hulk has the magic! [knuckles crack] [grunts] [grunts, groans] Hulk, now! The doorway is ready! Magic hands harder than it looks.
[grunts] By the green fists of smash! [yells] [grunts] [screaming] [straining] [grunting] - Well, bye.
[grunts] - Nooo! [distorted screaming] Here you go, Doc.
Good as new.
[both chuckle] Agamotto's portal to our dimension sank to the bottom of the ocean, so he must be gone for good.
Well, hey, us not being evil shadow creatures is proof of that, right? So, who's gonna tell Hulk how much the final damage total is? Leave those to me.
The nation of Wakanda will cover the Avengers' bills.
Besides, from what I heard, those talking teddy bears had it coming.
[laughing] Who would've imagined that Dr.
Banner and Doctor Strange would make such a great team? Hulk and Doctor Strange make a good team too.
- Thanks for teaching me a little magic.
- All I did was demonstrate.
You were the one who learned to respect magic.
Well, now I'm gonna teach you how to respect smash.
My hands aren't really good for that sort of thing.
I wouldn't even know how to smash.
Just get angry and do what comes next.
[both grunt] [both] Smash! 

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