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Black Villain is the main antagonist of the American Dad! season 8 episode "For Black Eyes Only". He was portrayed by the Pearl Bailey High School principal Brian Lewis.

In "For Your Black Eyes Only"

Black Villain was a new villain whom tried to become well-known by assassinating 007-type agent Stan Smith. Stan's boss B (Bullock) tried to warn him about this new threat, but Stan ignores him and continues his honeymoon with Sexpun (Francine). Black Villain soon arrived and accidentally shot Sexpun when he was really aiming at Stan. B later convinces Stan to work for him again a year later stating that he could avenge his wife's death. However, he needed assistance from another villain; Tearjerker. When he arrived at the secret prison, Tearjerker at first wasn't willing to work with Stan, but he does when Black Villain is brought up. Tearjerker then recounted the time when Black Villain betrayed him and shot him. Black Villain then captures Stan and Tearjerker and reveals his plans. He desired to melt all the icecaps in the world and make his Detroit home a beachfront property. He also revealed that he cloned the deceased Sexpun and created a black version of herself, whom he dubbed Sexpuneequa. He then left to go get a surge protector for his plans and leaves Sexpuneequa and the back-stabbing Tearjerker to kill Stan. Sexpuneequa later got her memory of Stan back when she remembered how she liked sucking his feet, though Tearjerker does point out the flaws in that logic. Black Villain returns, and turns on the hair dryers causing the icecaps to melt. He also revealed that he also cloned Tearjerker. Thankfully for Stan and the reformed Sexpuneequa, the Tearjerker clones turn on themselves. Black Villain then turns off the hair dryers, succeeding in his plan. Stan then comes up with a plan. He brings a helicopter with an electromagnet attatched to it and tells Sexpuneequa to grab the treacherous Tearjerker and they stick unto the magnet (Stan had Tearjerker eat a sandwich that was metallaced when he broke him out of prison). Stan then turns the hairdryers back on, and Black Villain is washed away by the tidal waves.