The Blade Wolf is a robot modeled after the wolf and is part of Bumbershoot Mechanic's Cyber-Animals line. The Blade Wolf was designed to expedite search and rescue operations such as tunneling into collapsed mines and saving trapped workers. Blade Wolf was dispatched to S.T.A.R. Labs as part of the Penguin's plans to erect a force field around his Aviary tower. The wolf jumped over the perimeter wall and attacked the two mech guards on patrol outside. It pounced on mech 13 then dodged 11's blasts, clamped on its left leg, swung it onto the ground, and bit down. The mech suit 11 overloaded and went offline. The wolf ran to the entrance, took down mech suit 12, then made its way to a room where a piece of advanced technology was kept. Its utilized its agility to avoid setting off the multi-laser security system. Tendrils emerged from the wolf's mid-section to grab the device but Batman severed them with Batarangs and blew up the security system.

With the force field transmitter set, the wolf punched a hole in the ceiling with tendrils shot out from its mouth and ran across the roof. As it leaped across to another building, Batman severed its tendril and it landed on a car. The wolf jumped onto the other side of the highway and forced a big rig truck to overturn. While Batman was distracted, it escaped. The Blade Wolf was part of the line up previewed at Penguin's grand opening gala at the penthouse of the Aviary.

After Silverback requested back up at the Gotham Zoo, the Cyber-Animals were dispatched. Blade Wolf and Tiger Claw chased after Batman in the Batmobile. The Blade Wolf was immobilized after Batman lured it into a cnstruction site on 23rd and shot down a stack of girders. Nightwing neutralized the wolf with one of his electric batons. With Dr. Langstrom's help, the wolf was hacked and named Ace. In the showdown at the Aviary, Batman summoned Ace to his side and led the Cyber-Animals on a chase to buy time for the Flash and Red Robin. Nightwing fought off hordes of Blade Wolves and eventually, one of the wolves tackled Batman off Ace. The wolves went offline once Red Robin uploaded a computer virus. Batman kept Ace.


I'm getting routine movement function but nothing from higher core processes. I can try to reroute, but this is some next level engineering. Agreed. These things are built to be tough and fast. Langstrom is a genius. Wiring is mostly copper.

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