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Blaine (Japanese: カツラ Katsura) is the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island's (later the Seafoam Islands's)Gym, known officially as the Cinnabar Gym. He hands out the Volcano Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He is a highly intelligent man who uses Fire-type Pokémon.


Blaine appeared in the episodes Riddle Me This and Volcanic Panic.

Blaine ran the Cinnabar Island Gym until the island started to become crowded with tourists. Instead of serious challengers, the Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center started to fill up with freeloading vacationers. Fed up with this, Blaine closed the Gym and opened up a hotel near the island's volcanic hot springs, disguising himself with a wig, a fake mustache and sunglasses. He also disguised his voice to be softer and lower pitched than normal. Blaine likes to make up riddles even in inappropriate situations.

When Ash, Misty, and Brock met Blaine, he told them several riddles. Misty deciphered the riddles and eventually the trio found Blaine's hotel, and underneath the hotel in a volcanic cavern was the Cinnabar Island Gym. Ash challenged Blaine to a Gym match, but was easily defeated. After the battle, Team Rocket attempted to steal Blaine's Magmar by freezing it with guns that projected beams of ice. Magmar broke free in the end; however, the sudden cooling of the walls in the lava cave caused the rock to begin to crack, indicating that the Cinnabar Island volcano was going to erupt.

Ash, Blaine, Misty, and Brock used their Water-, Rock-, and Fire-type Pokémon to dam the cracks in the walls with boulders. During the emergency, Ash's Charizard and Blaine's Magmar gained an interest in the other's strength, each wishing to test it in battle. Blaine agreed to a rematch with Ash; due to the internal damage of the volcano, it was held on the volcano's crater. At first, Magmar and Charizard were evenly matched, but Charizard's ability to fly gave it an advantage. It lifted Magmar high into the air and used Seismic Toss, slamming Magmar into the volcano. The Spitfire Pokémon was knocked out, and Blaine was defeated.


  1. Ninetales
  2. Rhydon
  3. Magmar