Blockbuster Bad Blood 0001
Blockbuster is a super strong behemoth who was later recruited to the League of Shadows and publicly was part of the Heretic's new gang of supervillains who battled Batman in the past. Nightwing encountered him in a red light district of Bludhaven while he was on his way to see Starfire at the Tower. Blockbuster flipped and threw vehicles as civilians ran to safety. Nightwing dodged a motorcycle and hit him with his staves, a knee to the chin, and the staves again. Starfire distracted Nightwing on the phone long enough for Blockbuster to recover and kick him. He went flying backwards into a construction site. Blockbuster leaped in after him. Nightwing dodged and tossed a throwing star at a crane on site. It severed the attached wrecking ball and landed right on top of Blockbuster.
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