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Bobby is a living stuffed bear and Melvin's best friend and, along with her and her fellow youngsters, Timmy and Teether, an Honorary Titan.


Melvin, Timmy and Teether are three young children gifted with super powers. Because of the threat they posed, the Brotherhood of Evil decided to have them kidnapped and eliminated. The Titans learned of this plan, however, and arranged for the three to be brought to a safe place. Because the other members were busy dealing with various Brotherhood schemes, Raven was entrusted with the task.

Raven and her young charges were repeatedly beset by Monsieur Mallah. Time and again, Raven just barely managed to save the three from the intelligent gorilla, but had even more trouble dealing with the kids. Bobby was a particular source of annoyance to both Raven and Melvin, since while Melvin kept insisting that Bobby was real, Raven (who couldn't perceive him at first) thought that the strange happenings occurring in Bobby's presence were due to poorly controlled telekinetic powers on Melvin's part.

Mallah finally succeeded in his kidnapping attempt. Raven tried to stop him, but ended up helpless before him, and it was in this moment when the children - and Bobby - revealed their true powers and fought him off on their own. Raven, who had come to care deeply for all of them, made them Honorary Titans, and later the children and Bobby joined the Titans in their final assault on the Brotherhood's base. The three children and Bobby weren't seen fighting, but when the Brain sent Monsieur Mallah to "stop this nonsense", Bobby stopped him. He then helped recapture Doctor Light.


Bobby possesses, in accordance to his size, superhuman resilience, strength, and endurance, the latter of which also bestows the ability to execute long leaps. Also, for a creature his size, Bobby has very good agility and speed. He also has the power to turn invisible, which he usually uses to hide from strangers. In addition, Bobby possesses sharp claws which he utilizes during battle.


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