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Brad is a recurring character, and Jessica's boyfriend in Rick and Morty. He is a student at Harry Herpson High School, along with Morty and Summer. He is shown to be a jock who plays basketball (and possibly other sports) for the high school.


He shoots Morty down when he attempts to ask Jessica to the annual Flu Season Dance in the episode "Rick Potion #9", telling him that she's way out of his league. Later, during the dance, he is affected by Rick's love potion, and he becomes infatuated with Morty until being dragged out by Gene Vagina. He shows up at Rick's party in "Ricksy Business", where he starts a fight with Abradolf Lincler.


Brad is a black teenage male with black buzzcut hair and a mustache and a beard. He has white ear piercings and he wears a red shirt with a green and white varsity jacket .


Brad always acts like a tough guy. He talks trash about people, brags about how strong and athletic he is, and he very easily picks fights with other people which he will always let result in violence and swearing that will only spiral more and more wildly out of control as the fight excels. He is very pretentious, vain and conceited, although his accomplishments don't match his level of self-pride. He is actually kind of a bully as he sometimes picks fights with people who have done nothing to provoke or even interact with him. He isn't very clever since he doesn't know the correct terms to use; replacing 'Linguist' with 'Language'.

Episode Appearances

  • Rick Potion #9
  • Ricksy Business


  • It has been confirmed by the Rick and Morty assistant, Tamara, on her tumblr, that Brad and Davin, while presumably being written off the show due to their long absence after Season 1, will return in Season 3 of the show.
  • Brad appears in the Rickstaverse comic, Holy Holes, buying fake weed from Morty.